Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms And Conditions Of Sale

Sales Contract

2. Customer Will Be Invoiced For The Full Purchase Price Of Equipment, Parts, And Services Upon Delivery Of Same. All Cable Shipments Within ±10% Will Be Considered Complete.

3. Unless Otherwise Specifically Agreed To In A Writing Signed By Economy Heaters, Full Payment .

4. Economy Heaters Reserves The Right To Invoice For Partial Shipments Unless Specifically Stated That No Partials Are Allowed By The Customer.


6. Prices Quoted Will Remain In Effect 60 Days From Date Of Quotation Unless Otherwise Specifically Provided.

7. Upon Receipt Of Invoices And In Accordance With The Terms Set Forth In Paragraph 3, Customer Will Pay Economy Heaters, All Freight Charges, , And All Taxes, However Designated, Including State And Local Privilege, Excise, Sales

8. Unless Specifically Stated, The Prices Quoted By Economy Heaters Shall Not Include Delivery Charges.


9. All Shipping Dates Are Subject To Confirmation At The Time The Customer’s Purchase Order Is Received By Economy Heaters And Will Be Based On Economy Heaters Eshipping Commitments At That Time.

Time For Dispatch Of Goods

12. Unless Otherwise Specified, All Transportation Charges Will Be Prepaid By Economy Heaters And Billed To The Customer. Shipment Will Normally Be Made Via The Most Economical Means And Routing Consistent With The Handling Requirements For The Type Of Equipment Involved. Economy Heaters Reserves The Right To Select The Means Of Transportation And The Routing.


13. Warranty. The Economy Heaters Corporation (Hereinafter Referred As (“Economy Heaters”) Warrants To The Original Purchaser For The Period Of Eighteen (18) Months From Date Of Shipment Or Twelve (12) Months From Date Of Installation, Whichever Comes First, That The Products Manufactured By Economy Heaters: (A) Conform To The Description And Specifications As Set Forth In Economy Heaters ‘Scurrent Catalogue Or In The Quotation And Drawings Submitted By Economy Heaters: And (B) Are Free From Defects In Materials And Workmanship Under Prescribed Use And Service. Remedy. Economy Heaters’s Obligation And The Exclusive Remedy Under This Warranty Shall Be Limited To The Repair Or Replacement, At Economy Heaters’s Option, Of Any Parts Of The Product Which May Prove Defective Under Prescribed Use And Service Within Eighteen (18) Months From Date Of Shipment Or Twelve (12) Months From Date Of Installation, Whichever Comes First, And Which, Following Economy Heaters’s Examination, Is Determined By Economy Heaters To Be Defective Under Conditions Described Herein: Provided Economy Heaters Has, At Its Option, A Representative Of Economy Heaters Present At Start-Up. Economy Heaters Shall Not Be Liable For Any Incidental, Consequential Or Special Damages Arising From Any Breach Of Warranty, Breach Of Contract, Negligence, Or Any Other Legal Theory, Including But Not Limited To, Loss Of Use Of Parts Or Equipment Or Any Associated

Disclaimer : Economy Heaters Makes No Warranty Whatsoever, Express Or Implied, Except As Is Expressly Set Forth Above. No Agent, Employee Or Representative Of Economy Heaters Has Any Authority To Bind Economy Heaters To Any Affirmation, Representation Or Warranty Covering The Sale Of Any Product, And Unless Such Affirmation, Representation Or Warranty Made By An Agent, Employee Or Reresentative Is Specifically Endorsed In Writing By Economy Heaters, It Shall Not Be Enforceable By Any Buyer. Economy Heaters Makes No Express Or Impled Warranty Of Merchantability And No Express Or Implied Warranty Of Fitness For Particular Purpose, Except As Is Expressly Set Forth Above. Economy Heaters Shall Not Be Liable For Consequential, Incidential Or Special Damages. This Warranty Allocates Risk Between The Purchaser And Economy Heaters As Authorized By The Uniform Commercial Code And Other Applicable Law.

Returning Of Product

14. Authorization And Shipping Instructions For The Return Of Any Product Must Be Obtained By The Purchaser From Economy Heaters Before Returning The Product. Product Must Be Returned With Complete Identification In Accordance With Our Return Goods Authorization Instructions Or It Will Be Refused And Returned At Purchaser’s Expense. If A Purchaser Requests Authorization To Return Product For Reasons Of His/Her Own, A Restocking Charge Will Apply. No Returned Goods Will Be Restocked For Credit If Not A Stock Item.


15. Following Economy Heaters’s Receipt Of The Customer’s Purchase Order, Such Order May Not Be Cancelled Without The Written Consent Of Economy Heaters. Economy Heaters Shall Have The Absolute Right To Cancel And Refuse To Complete The Order: (1) If, At Any Time, All Terms And Conditions Governing This Order Are Not Strictly Complied With By The Customer. (2) If, The Customer Shall Make Or Offer To Make Any Arrangement Or Composition With Creditors Or Commit Any Act Of Bankruptcy, Or If, Being A Limited Company, The Customer Shall Go Into Liquidation, Whether Compulsory Or Voluntary, Not Being A Voluntary Liquidation For The Purpose Of Amalgamation Or Reconstruction, Or Suffer The Appointment Of A Receiver If Its Undertaking, Property Or Assets Of Any Part Thereof, (3) If, At Any Time, The Customer Becomes Bankrupt, Or Insolvent, Or, If Legal Process Shall Be Levied Upon Any Of Customer’s Property, Or, (4) If The Customer Fails To Post Security Within Twenty-One (21) Days After Economy Heaters Has Requested Same Based On A Good Faith-Doubt Of The Customer’s Ability To Make Prompt Payment. In The Event Of Such A Cancellation, And Without Prejudice To Economy Heaters ’S Other Remedies, Economy Heaters Shall Have The Right To Indemnification For Any Or All Cost Incurred To The Date Of Cancellation In Performing The Order (Including The Cost Of Any Engineering Studies And/Or Special Patterns) And For The Loss Of Profit Resulting From Such Cancellation. Economy Heaters Shall Have The Right, At It’s Option, To Waive Its Rights To Indemnification With Regard To Any Item Scheduled For Completion Within Sixty (60) Days Following The Date Of Cancellation And To Complete Such Items And Request Full Payment For Same. Economy Heaters Shall Have No Responsibility Or Liability To The Customer Except For The Return Of Any Excess Of The Customer’s Partial Payments On The Order Less The Foregoing Costs And Loss Of Profit.


Substitutes And Modification

16. Economy Heaters May Modify Or Substitute Goods Provided The Modified Or Substituted Goods Comply With Applicable Specifications. Inspection And Acceptance

17. The Goods Covered By This Contract Shall Be Deemed Finally Inspected And Accepted Within Two (2) Weeks From The Date Of Shipment Unless Written Notice Of Rejection Or Any Claim Is Delivered To Economy Heaters Within That Period. Acceptance As Aforesaid Shall Constitute Acknowledgment Of Full Performance By Economy Heaters Of All Its Obligations Hereunder Except As Further Stated Under The Paragraph Entitled “Warranties,” “Remedies” And “Damages”.


18. In Accordance With Paragraph 1 Above, These Standard Terms And Conditions Are Intended By The Parties As A Final Expression Of Their Agreement And As Complete And Exclusive Statement Of The Terms Of Any Agreement. No Agent, Employee, Or Representative Of Economy Heaters Has Any Authority To Bind Economy Heaters To Any Affirmation Representation Or Warranty Concerning The Product Sold Other Than As Stated In These Standard Terms And Conditions.

19. Any Agreement Between Economy Heaters And Customer Can Be Modified Or Rescinded Only By A Writing Signed By Both Of The Parties Or Their Duly Authorized Agents.

20. Remedies Of Customer Provided Herein Are The Exclusive And Sole Remedies Of Customer.

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