Mineral Insulated (Mi) Cables

Economy Mineral Insulated (MI) cable can meet all industrial and commercial electric heating demands. Copper / stainless steel sheath cables offer the best characteristics of a heating system. These cables are completely in-organic and will not age with time. Copper and SS will resist corrosion exceptionally well and can withstand high temperatures environments. MI cables are safe, offering a fully grounded system, and will not burn or support combustion.

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Mi Heating Units
Factory assembled heaters are designed and constructed to have a long and maintenance free service life. The hot section is fabricated to deisred length, giving precise watt density and uniform heating. All units are terminated with non-heating cold section made to specific length. To insure the highest quality, each unit is subjected to rigorous testing procedures.

Power Output
Maximum allowed cable load. 60 Watts / foot or 197 Watts / meter

Temperature rating
Maximum exposure temperature*                   Depends on application approx 400°C
Cable Diameters:                                             6, 7, 8, 8.5 MM

Basic Heating Cable Design Configurations
Heating cable units are supplied as complete factory-fabricated assemblies consisting of the heated section joined to a length of non heating MI power cable, preterminated and ready to fasten into a junction box with a NPT-threaded connector.

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