Space Heater

The paramount application of the Space (Unit) heaters, is mainly to heat the departmental air in WINTER as well as in RAINY seasons to raise the air temperature to the required level for maintaining proper relative humidity. It could also be used on the day following holidays, for raising the air temperature quickly to the required level to maintain proper relative humidity in the departments. Besides these are commonly used in western countries for space heating in cold season.

Futures : Suspended or shelf mounted installation frees valuable workspace and provides flexibility Remote fan operation for summer air Circulation Vertical louvers available Smaller size - easier to handle and less expensive to ship Easy to install, maintain and operate with rear or top air and flue spigots

Application :
  • Space Heating in factories, godowns, hospitals, etc., in winter and rainy seasons.
  • Particularly useful in Textile Spinning Mills.

Length x Breadth x Depth
EUH - 12 12 230 / 400 41000 16" x 16" x 25"
EUH - 18 18 3 Phase
A. C. 
61000 16" x 16"  x 25"
EUH - 24 24 Supply 82000 24" x   24" x 31"



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