Compensating Cables

Economy offers wide range of thermocouple extension wires popularly known as compensating cables with variety of standard insulations to combat chemical corrosion, moisture, heat & abrasion etc. Over and above the metallic coverings are provided to increase the resistance to abrasion and mechanical wear and tear. Cables are also offered to avoid electrical interference in precision control system.


Iron and Steel Plants, Non Ferrous metal melting, Heat Treatment, Cement, Ceramics, Chemical Plants, Petrochemicals & Fertilizer Plants, Power Stations, Glass & Food Industries, Laboratories etc.

The conductors of thermocouple extension wires are tested as per requisite BS 1843 Specifications for their accuracy and are calibrated at a test temperature of 100 C within + 3 C.

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Colour Codes
These cables are colour coded as per BS 1843 specifications as a standard practice.

Standard Wire Gauges
Unless specified, our standard wires are supplied with flexible 3/22 SWG conductors. However, the following conductors could also be supplied for specific requirements. Solid Conductors: 14, 16, 18, 20 & 22 SWG Flexible Conductors: 3/20, 3/22, 7/22, 7/30, 14/30 or 24/30 SWG.

Calibration Calibration Code
1) Iron Constantan (Fe - Constantan)
2) Copper Constantan (Cu - Constantan)
3) Chromel - Alumel (CR - AL) (Ni. Cr. - Ni.)
4) Platinum - Platinum Rhodium 10 %
5)Platinum - Platinum Rhodium 13 % 


Economy’s Code Single Code Overall

Ordering Information
1) Specify calibration
2) Choose the insulation according to environments.
3) Whether metallic over braided required.
4) Indicate the wire gauge.
5) Specify the quantity and minimum acceptable Length.

Standard Packing
100 Meters Spools.

For Computerised Temperature Sensing And Control

Economy offers complete line of ‘3 - wire’
thermocouple extension wires

In high speed computer control system, the milli volts signal generated at the thermocouple junction remotely located must be brought to the instrument point without any interference along the extension wire could generate erratic signals. Economy’s “3 - wire system consists of positive and negative conductors duly insulated with PVC. A copper drain wire is located along the twisted conductors. This assembly is further wrapped with aluminised mylar tape. The complete assembly is PVC coated. The third wire in this system acts as a common ground for the sensor and computer. Economy also offers this type of extension wire having teflon insulation or fibreglass insulation where the conductor exposed to high temperature.

PVC to PVC Code ‘A’
Colour Coated Polyvinyl is extruded on the bare wires individually, both conductors kept parallel and over jacketed with PVC. Temperature range - 20 to 200 F. It is economical, withstands moisture, alkalies, oils, acids, has very good dielectric and mechanical strength.

PVC to PVC Plus Overall Asbestos Code ‘B’
Each conductor is PVC coated. Both are kept together and are overall PVC covered. Finally it is coated with asbestos. The cable has similar advantages like code ‘A’ except that it can withstand electrical short circuits when contacted with hot surfaces.

Teflon to Teflon Code ‘C’
Conductors are teflon coated individually and then both kept together are overall teflon coated. This whole assembly withstands temperature of 250 C. It also withstands moisture, most acids & vapours.

Fibreglass to Fibreglass Code ‘D’
Each conductor is covered with impregnated fibreglass. Both the conductors kept together are covered with fibreglass and finally impregnated in varnish. The impregnation improves the resistance to abrasion and moisture. Impregnation is permanently destroyed above 200 C

Asbestos to Asbestos Code ‘E’
Feltad asbestos is applied on each conductor. The conductors are placed together and are overall asbestos covered. This will withstand continuous temperature upto 500 C

Metal Covering Code ‘F’
The metallic coverings on any of the standard thermocouple extension wires will provide extra resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage and higher tensile strength. These comprise of tinned copper wires or galvanised steel wires generally. Stainless steel metallic coverings can be provided for specific requirements.

BS 1843
+ ve
Copper Constantan
Chromel Alumel
(CR-AL) or (Ni-Cr-Ni)
Pt Pt Th 10 %
Pt Pt Bh - 13 %


Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Extension Wires & Cables
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Extension wires or Cables can be effectively used in places where the conventional cables described in this literature cannot be used due to enviornmental conditions. Economy offers these mineral insulated cable with copper metallic sheath. The conductors with correct composition as used in other types of thermocouple extension wires are used here also. The insulation for these cables in fused magnesium Oxide powder which withstands high temperatures. Besides, these cables are annealed to enable the user to bend them according to requirements.

Multipair Extension Cables
Multipair extension cables can be made to your specific order with individual and overall insulations to suit your installation requirements. Such cables correctly reduce the cost of installation as compared to pulling separate pairs through conduit. For quotations, please write indicating quantity.

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